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The scope of the International’s Hippocratic Foundation Library and Information Service is to cover, support and promote educational and research activities of the medical and academic community worldwide, following the ecumenical symbolisms of Hippocratic Medicine. In addition, scope and policy of the Foundation is to support instructional missions of undergraduate and postgraduate programs all over the world, as well as to promote academic objectives and contributions in the framework of the social role of the Institution.

In order to achieve its scopes, the Library has fully automated its services and functions and develops print, electronic and digital collections as well as internet applications. The Library is regularly updated and participates in national and European networks aiming at a more effective usage of available information resources.

During the last years, mainly due to the sponsorships of distinguished Greeks of the diaspora, to whom the citizens of Kos as well as the Council of the Institution is thankful, the Library began its reorganization and modernization, which is still in progress.

All members of the academic community of the Institution have the right to use Library services provided they have a valid Library card. Open access collections and reading rooms are also available to external users who may search for print material and study at the reading rooms.


Where to find us?

Asklipiou Platani PO Box 288, Kos 85300 Greece
Phone Number
0030 22420 22131